Monday, April 11, 2011


Well our fourth and hopefully final furry family member is Lucy. I think my sister and I kind of conned our mom into getting her. She had been saying how she was thinking about maybe getting a dog for herself. Well there was a super adoption at the PetSmart in May 2010. I was a volunteer there so I kept my eyes open for any good possibilities. Our friend and dog trainer Marc was there as well since he worked for PetSmart. Hannah and I told him about finding a dog for our mom and he went off to interview people about possible dogs. Lisa, our friendly 4 Paws director, had a dog that desperately needed a foster home. We called my mom to come over and promised her we only wanted her to look at the dog. Lucy was so scared and confused in her little pen. She is 3 years old and had been living with her family since she was a baby. She was kept outside in a pen with the families two other dogs. The wife of the family was upset that Lucy would bark at people walking by and jump on her little dog so she made her husband give Lucy away.

She came to 4 Paws and had been adopted by a family the week prior to our meeting her. That family had gotten her for their teenage son. Apparently he really enjoyed her the first day but then got tired of her and they brought her back. So my mom walked her around a bit and decided that she would be a foster mom for Lucy because she did not want to commit to an adoption just yet. Lucy is a black lab and a beautiful, energetic girl who loves riding on the back of my dad’s 4 wheeler. She has since been adopted, of course, and is a bit socially inept but that is because she was always in a pen and never socialized with other dogs. When she plays she growls and it scares Charlie and Wrigley but they are getting used to her and she quite enjoys being part of our family. Charlie has mellowed out a lot since we brought her home and they are quite good friends.

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